Talent is at the centre
of everything we do.

What we do and why we do it?

At Abacus, talent is absolutely at the centre of everything we do. The identification of, the attraction of, the development and retention of. We believe that talent is all.

The work we undertake makes a huge impact on people’s lives. We ensure ambitions become reality, potential is realised and connections make impact. We are a unique group of people united by our passion for the work we do. Our vision is to be the go to venue for talented people and progressive businesses.

Lofty yes, achievable definitely.

The go-to venue for talented people and progressive businesses.


Where talented professionals find the best job opportunities, locally and internationally


Uniting the Northern Ireland diaspora community and highlighting all that is needed to persuade relocators to come to our great city.


Where thought leaders connect,
share best practice and inspire the
business community to be truly world-class.


The ultimate career resource for
new and emerging talent.


Our programme that connects the local
business community with initiatives
that are great for the city and all that work there.

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Be part of the
recruitment revolution.
Join our team.